Our Story

Maria is a Colombian designer that left everything behind and came with 500 dollars and her 2 month year old son to Los Angeles pursuing her dream to become a Costume and a Demi-Couture Designer.

She was born an artist, the entartainment industry has always marvelled her; the fact of writting, acting, playing rolls that are accompanied with music, sets, make-up, costumes etc., that transport us into another reality and make us connect, is one of the things that move her. She has an indescribable love and passion for music, and arts; she used to played the piano, was a ballet dancer, a painter and in her teens used to perform as a singer.

She studied Fashion Design, Photography and Acting; while studing and getting ready for her graduation, she got a disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome, a syndrome that slowly paralyses the body from hands and feet to the inside attacking the lungs until asphyxiation, she made it to the hospital and was 17 days with a respirator in the intensive care unit; after a month she was out of the hospital, and was able to graduate and see her collection on the runway on a wheelchair; but after that she had to go into a rehabilitation process where she had to re learn to talk, walk and do all over again as babies do, but this didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream.

While she was in the university, she started Maria Krangel Designer as her business, and in 2014 she was featured on Fucsia Magazine, among top-tier brands, showing her designs as the latest fashion trends with her glam-sporty jackets, and was also selected among promising young entrepreneurs in Colombia by the Chamber of Commerce at the X Young Entrepreneur Fair.

Since that time until today, Maria has worked as a Stylist, Costume Designer, Art Director Assistant, working on video clips, and short films; and has shown her designs on Hollywood runways. In 2016 was nominated as Best Costume Design at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. Has appeared in Total Access Show, and KTLA5. In 2019 won the Producers choice award of Runway FX showing her dress «The Armor» being one of the youngest designers at the Masterpieces Runway at the Closing Gala & Awards at City Hall in Los Angeles.

» All my dreams have been come true because I have the best gift God has ever given me, my son which has been my booster and we will keep conquering our dreams»

Wheel chair graduation after doctors would say would never walk again!

«… for I will be with you wherever you go».

Joshua 9:1

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