Develop the line of your dreams!

Let’s make your 2D designs onto garments, from ideas to sketchs, and the pre-production chain to be ready for production.

Maria is a Product Developer, she has been in the fashion industry over 12 years; her experience runs from working in the industry of Bullet Proof Clothing, Motorcycle Clothing, Costumes for kids, Athletic clothing & womens RTW companies; from the Pre-development to managing small batches of productions for independent designers in Los Angeles, California.

Sketch & Tech Packs

Transform your ideas into clothes, from sketching to the technical design & tech pack in order to have your own line.

The Tech Pack is the book that each style must have in order to compile all information regarding that style.

Pattern Making

Pattern Making is the art to transform a 2D sketch to a 3D sketch, you can do this by draping of making flat patterns; also you can work on paper or digital patterns.

I offer digital service when you have 10 or more styles to work with.

Sample Making

Making Samples is the next step prior your production, making samples will give you insight on how your garment looks and if is the desired look or if needs adjustments before making a production.

In this process you make sure the fabrics are the appropiate and colors you will offer in your line as well as the size chart you have already created.

«Find a quiet place, use a humble pen».

Paul Simon

More About Us


“Working with Maria Krangel was an absolute joy. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and is fantastic at thinking outside the box to find creative solutions and new ideas. I cannot recommend her enough!”.

Lance B. Witmer, Writer / Director– Valor Films

“I met Maria on set of the film Opposite Actions in 2017.  This was for a film contest and we had 168 hours to create a story and tell it cinematically – not an easy feat.  Not having known her prior to the shoot, Maria’s work ethic and attention to detail was what made her stand out.  She was always working on something, never idle, focused on the task at hand as soon as she stepped foot on the set.  With a minimal budget and little time, she had to make sure every scene design was prepared beforehand and did it with grace.  We also didn’t have the crew a normal film set would have, so she had to do most of the work by herself.  She did a remarkable job, especially considering the tight time circumstances.  I would work with Maria again because she is very serious about her craft, she’s disciplined, and also a joy to be around on set.”.

Joe Coffey / Actor
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